IBQRM Expert Card

Participants receive an IBQRM EXPERT Card to identify themselves as soon as they have passed the test and received their certificate – either BASIC or MODERATOR level. This makes it easy to double-check the identity on this website.

The Expert-ID itself is a unique identification which is connected to graduate.

IBQRM Experts

IBQRM exams are most difficult as the certificate must ensure only FMEA Professionals are allowed to receive the “IBQRM Expert Card”. We differ into two levels: FMEA Basic and FMEA Moderator.

For the “Basic”-level participants needed to pass a written examination of 60 minutes duration. Usually only 1 out of 10 participants pass this exam.

In addition, participants of the “Moderator”-level are obliged to pass an 3 hours exam where they conduct and facilitate an actual FMEA within an actual project.

IBQRM Experts Register

Expert IDTitleFirst NameFamily NameFMEA Basic CertificationFMEA Moderator Certification
SWBZIMr. KetongWangx